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10 Content Ideas from the Best Social Media Agency in the U.S.

Be it a startup or the best social media agency in the U.S., it’s not always easy to come up with fresh content ideas for social media. That’s why we all need a helping hand to create a great social media calendar of amazing content ideas.

In this blog post, with the help of a profound marketing agency in the U.S.A., we are going to share ten brainstorming content ideas. No matter what your social media account is about, these ideas work for any industry. So, get ready to level up your social media strategy and learn social media ad campaigns!

  1. Post User-generated Content (UGC)

You know, your audience itself is one of the most valuable content out there. And that’s where the concept of UGC (User-generated Content) pops out. It is reported that 90% of consumers trust UGC when it comes to making buying decisions. But what exactly is this UGC?

According to the best social media agency in the U.S., UGC is brand-specific content originally created by customers to publish on social media or other channels. It not only fills your feed with community-made content, but also attracts new followers, boosts sales, and converts your existing audience into customers.

UGC comes in many forms, such as images, videos, reviews, testimonials, etc. Make sure you do not post any UGC that you’re tagged in. Instead, create a branded hashtag for your company and repost the best content from those followers who use your hashtag. Below is a perfect example of UGC by Starbucks.

UGC by Starbucks

  1. Share Written Posts

Blogs, articles, guides, and eBooks demonstrate your industry knowledge and expertise. So, why not use them to build your credibility and reputation. There are myriads of written posts out there, so be creative with new topic ideas. To think of compelling content and learn digital marketing strategy, look at the most trending searches and topics.

This approach will give you insights into what your audience is currently interested in. Social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook are perfect for posting or sharing these written posts, especially in the form of longer blogs and articles.

  1. Answer Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Not everything you share on social media has to be blog posts, articles, or UGC. Engage your audience by answering their most burning questions. Here, FAQs are a great way to highlight your knowledge, solve customers’ problems, and learn social media ad campaigns. By creating social media posts related to FAQs,you can take brand awareness and engagement to a whole new level.

Make sure these posts follow a simple yet consistent format. For instance, if it’s about the best social media agency in the U.S., then compile some SEO practices/tips in a short form to benefit your target audience. Otherwise, you can focus on creating one FAQ per post. On top of that, don’t be afraid to ask questions or run polls to keep your audience talking about your business.

  1. Give Community and Employee Spotlights

Just like UGC, sharing community spotlights is a surefire when it comes to highlighting members of your community. So, utilize this incredible opportunity and show the community some love with the help of a creative marketing agency in the U.S.A.You can share mini-interviews, quotes, or pics from inspirational members of your community.

Why stop at just community spotlights? You can give your employees a chance to shine bright like a diamond. In fact, that’s what modern-day consumers love the most – seeing the real person behind their favorite brands. It gives them a sense of relevance and authenticity on a more personal level. Therefore, learn digital marketing strategy and scale up your social media posts.

  1. Share Client Stories

One of the most effective ways to sell in a short social media post and learn social media ad campaigns is by posting client success stories. This is because people trust the reviews and experiences of others more than the business itself. So, why don’t you give it a try?

According to the best social media agency in the U.S., it’s great to share interesting or inspirational client stories that are fresh and engaging. Therefore, contact past customers and ask them for testimonials. Then create social media posts as an anecdote. Make sure these posts sound relatable and not too “salesy.” Here is an example where Bumble created a social media post from a great client story.

Success Client Stories

  1. Use Behind-the-Scenes

At the core of their heart, businesses represent people. So, don’t let that personal element of your social feed fade away. Give your followers a “behind the scenes” look at your brand. And what else could be better than social media to reveal these behind-the-scenes and learn digital marketing strategy?

You can take snapshots at the office or post videos or reelsto show off the inner working of your company. Also, it’s a great idea to give followers a sneak peek into your company events, team members, and daily processes. For example,you can let them know how your products get packaged for shipping.

  1. Run Giveaways

It is true that people can’t get enough of the word “free.” This makes running a contest a great social media strategy for increasing potential follower involvement with the help of the best social media agency in the U.S. In fact, 91% of Instagram posts with over 1,000 likes or comments are related to some kind of giveaway or contest.

Start running giveaways, and you’ll see your engagement metrics spike for those social media posts. Social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook are perfect for running “tag-to-win” contests. Remember, these giveaways become more effective when you learn digital marketing strategy and encourage user-generated content. Below is a cool example of a giveaway post.

Run Giveaways

  1. Celebrate Holidays

From local to national to international holidays, everything is useful when you want to create social media posts and learn social media ad campaigns. There are plenty of holidays that can perfectly fit your social media calendar if you are searching for new content ideas.

Fun holidays are awesome for creating and sharing relevant and timely content that relates to your products, services, brand, and industry. There is no shortage of holidays all year round, but be sure to plan your content ahead of time with a yearly social media holidays calendar.

  1. Inform about Upcoming Events

It is quite obvious that your business will host or attend some event in the future. Well, it could become your new social media post. Even if they don’t happen very often, they are worth talking about on social media pages, according to the best social media agency in the U.S.

In fact, you can go live to bring events to audiences that aren’t physically available to them. This will help your followers understand what you’re doing and build some anticipation for the events you’ll be hosting or attending in their area.

  1. Funny Posts

Lastly, it’s no surprise that people love funny posts on social media. Therefore, you should not be afraid to show off your sense of humor with a marketing agency in the U.S.A. While marketing with memes and GIFs is great, be open to re-share or re-tweet humorous content. This is a silver bullet if you want to create a healthy engagement in the form of comments.

There You Go!

These are the most brainstorming content ideas to scale up your social media strategy. Keep in mind that there is no excuse to let your social media strategy go stale. By referring to these content ideas, you will never run out of social media posts again. So, what are you waiting for? Put these content ideas to work with the help of the best social media agency in the U.S.


  • What Social Media Platforms are great for Marketing?

    Well, it depends on your target audience and niche market. Because every brand is unique, you need to pick the right platforms with the best social media agency in the U.S.While Facebook and Instagram are great starting points, LinkedIn and Twitter are more professional and hard to crack.

  • How often should I Post?

    Generally speaking, it’s great to post at least twice a week. However, Twitter and Pinterest can be more frequent, especially when you have enough time and content.

  • What Tools are helpful for Social Media Marketing?

    Google Docs is perfect for writing and editing social media posts, and Adobe Spark is good for creating and sizing images. In addition, scheduling tools like Buffer, HootSuite, Facebook Business Manager, and TweetDeck are also great.