Learn How to Get Your Point Across in Fewer Words-01-01

Concise Content Writing: An Online Content Writing Tutorial You Need

Yes, less is more when it comes to content writing, and that’s what this online content writing tutorial is about. Since your audience wants to read less, you should write less. This doesn’t mean that your content may be boring or incomplete. It’s that you should cut the length of your content without minimizing the impact.

“One day I will find the right words, and they will be simple.” – Jack Kerouac

Taking from the best content writing agency in India, below are the tricks/tips that writers should follow when it comes to writing concisely and saying more in fewer words:

  • Keep the Intro Shorter

Most people don’t read if they find an intro long and boring. Take this online content writing tutorial for instance, since it has a short intro. Write a crispy intro and avoid belaboring the main point. Generate some empathy by telling a quick story, asking questions, including quotes, or citing a stat.

  • Stick to the Active Voice

Using the passive voice in your content is always more concise than using the passive voice. This is because it remains in the present tense and requires fewer words. While you don’t have to always write each sentence using the active voice, limit the percentage of the passive sentences in your overall content.

A simple rule of thumb is to follow SVO – subject, verb, and object. Example: Kids like cheese. In reverse, this rule may become OVS – object, verb, and subject. Example: Cheese is liked by kids.

  • Declutter the Intensifiers and Qualifiers

You may use intensifiers like very, really, actually, and mostly. According to the best content writing agency in India, these words don’t help a sentence. In fact, they may make it lengthy, annoying, and complicated.

Content writers who overuse intensifiers are trying to pump up weak ideas or sentences. This shows they lack confidence. Thus, take these “unnecessary” words out of the sentence. The same applies to qualifiers like somewhat, pretty, almost, quite, rather, etc.

  • Use Positive Statements

Another tip in this online content writing tutorial is using positive phrases. Sentences that are centered on negative words like “never” and “not” are often wordy. You can make them concise and positive by using affirmative words instead of negatives.

Example: Don’t apply for the job if applicants don’t have a degree in commerce. Correction: We only accept job applicants with a degree in commerce. See the difference?

  • Write for Skimmers

You should write not just for readers, but also for skimmers. Rather than reading, today’s people shave words down to their essence. And this is the current trend of skimming. As the best content writing agency in India, we want you to assume that everyone reading your content is likely to skim for the parts that are most important to them.

  • Explain Like they’re a Kid

Explain your content like your audience is a four-year-old kid. That’s a good approach when it comes to making how-to posts or tutorials simpler and easier to understand. Of course, this approach isn’t required for every content you write. It will depend on your business type and target audience.

  • Avoid Jargon

Jargon is a business language. It is not just wordy, but also unclear. Rather than plain and simple phrases, using fancy or pompous phrases can annoy and confuse readers. These phrases force your readers to waste time trying to decipher the content and meaning.

The Bottom Line: Every Wasted Word is Wasted Time

Learn to write concisely, especially formal documents. Use accurate and brief sentences that hold the audience attention better than long-winded sentences that distract them from the purpose of the content. As a result, you will improve your credibility with this online content writing tutorial.

  • Is your content unique and original?

The answer is a big YES! As the best content writing agency in India, we deliver authentic and quality content. This means we take care of the plagiarism, readability, and concision of our content.

  • How do you ensure that you provide quality content?

We have a team of experienced writers, SEO analysts, and SMO experts with degrees in English, technology, marketing, and business management. Thus, we ensure that we provide you with well-researched and SEO-friendly content.

  • How much time would you take to create a business document?

This depends on the amount of data, information, or words you want to include in the document. Usually, it will take us 60-80 minutes to complete a business document of 600 words.