A walkthrough of top NodeJs frameworks in 2022

Building a Node.js Web App In 2022? 5 Frameworks to Consider

As per a survey report, 4 out of 5 back-end and full-stack developers prefer NodeJs frameworks for web app development. Since NodeJs-based frameworks are a go-to solution for many, they must be good. 

One of the prominent reasons is they offer highly-performant and unique tools. Your prospective NodeJs development company in Albania can use them to develop different projects without wasting time and money. Also, the NodeJs community is actively working to improve the framework. As a result, they create new and advanced frameworks. 

Now, the problem is we have plenty of NodeJs frameworks, so it is not easy to pick one. Of course, you cannot use all of them. The choice depends on your project goals and needs. Each framework has exclusive features and functionalities that may be the perfect fit for your web app. Here, we will explore the top NodeJs frameworks in 2022. 

  1. ExpressJs

    ExpressJs, also known as Express, is a leading NodeJs framework in the current time. It uses a minimalistic approach and asynchronous architecture to build robust applications. Developers do not need in-depth knowledge of NodeJs to use this framework. It is easy to learn and deploy. Let us have a look at some powerful features of ExpressJs. 

    • Faster server-side development
    • High-performance
    • Templating
    • A variety of HTTP helpers
    • Improved content negotiation

  2. KoaJs

    KoaJs is a revolutionized NodeJs framework, thanks to its ability to create different web services. Unlike other frameworks, Koa is more expressive, smaller, and robust. It enables developers to build dynamic web applications and APIs. The following are some excellent features of KoaJs.

    • Personalizing user experience
    • Handles errors efficiently
    • Offers more customization options 
    • Normalize Node flaws effortlessly 
    • Supports content negotiation 
  3. MeteorJs

    Another popular NodeJs framework you can consider for a web app project is MeteorJs. It is an open-source Isomorphic framework. NodeJs developers in Albania and other regions can use it to write cross-platform code. What makes MeteorJs an ideal option is it uses only JavaScript. Also, it is compatible with multiple operating systems, such as iOS and Android. Below are some exceptional features of MeteorJs.

    • Full-stack solution
    • Integrate easily with other frameworks
    • Rapid prototyping using CLI
    • Write isomorphic code
    • Faster interactions

  4. Socket.io

    The advent of Socket.io has made developing real-time chat apps easier than ever. It is a JavaScript library that establishes real-time and bi-directional communication. It comprises two parts – a client-side library and a server-side library. The former runs on the browser and the latter for NodeJs. Developers can use this library to create applications that require WebSocket development. 

    Socket.io comes with unique features that make it the first choice of several companies.

    • Reliability
    • Error detection
    • Binary support 
    • Supports auto-reconnection
    • Multiplexing support

  5. NestJs

    It is a progressive NodeJs framework. Built with TypeScript, NestJs allows developers to build scalable and efficient web applications. All thanks to its extensive libraries. If your priority is to boost backend productivity, NestJs is your answer. Besides this, it has several useful features, such as:

    • Easy learning curve
    • Ease to use external libraries
    • Ultimate compatibility with Angular
    • Functional reactive programming

In closing 

These are the top NodeJs frameworks that help you add features and functionalities depending on your project. If you are planning to create a robust web app, choose the most suitable option. 

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  1. What is the use of Node.js?

    While considered as a framework, NodeJs is a JavaScript runtime environment. In simple words, it is a platform for developers to execute JavaScript codes.

  2. What are the different types of NodeJs frameworks?

    Like other web app technologies, NodeJs has three types of frameworks. Each comes with a specific function. These are MVC, REST API, and Full-stack MVC frameworks.

  3. Which is the most popular NodeJs framework?

    Among all the options, ExpressJs is a leading NodeJs framework. It has around 43,000 GitHub stars.