Building a Chat App in 2022: 5 Reasons to Choose React Native

Building a Chat App in 2022: 5 Reasons to Choose React Native

Communication is paramount if you want to ensure a successful business. After all, it is the only way you can understand your potential customers and their needs and pain points. Besides this, it helps you tell about your brand clearly and precisely. 

Today, customers’ need is not limited to having the ability to communicate with brands. They look for a seamless and hassle-free way to interact with online businesses. Phone calls and emails are effective modes but do not offer real-time interactions between enterprises and customers. Thus, the chat app comes as a rescue. 

  • What is a chat app?

A chat app refers to a business messaging application that allows customers to communicate their problems or suggestions. With a chat app, your customers can send and receive messages from any corner of the world. Customers can respond at their convenience. Plus, they do not have to wait for days to get the answer. 

Now, you know what a chat app can do to your business. The next question would be: Which is the best technology to build a chat app in 2022? We have several cutting-edge tools, libraries, and frameworks. But in this post, we will learn why React Native is ideal for chat app development. 

  • Using React Native to create a chat app in 2022

The concept for cross-platform development failed to receive much appreciation until the release of React Native. It offers numerous advantages over Native frameworks. Initially, apps built with this hybrid framework lacked performance. However, thanks to continuous advancements, your React Native development company in India can create Native-like applications faster. So, if you use React Native for a chat app, you can get it to the market in a short span without breaking your bank. 

If you are not convinced, below are the reasons to build React Native chat app. Our experts will explore each in detail. 

  1. Faster development
    One of the advantages of using React Native for a chat app is the shorter development time. With this hybrid app development framework, you can leverage the code reusability feature. It enables developers to use the same code for creating Android and iOS apps.

    But in native development, the process involves building separate applications for each. Plus, it requires hiring different teams for Android and iOS. All this will elongate the development process. On the other hand, React Native features like code reusability and Hot Reload speed up the development process. As a result, you can launch your chat app quickly.

  2. Leverage Native-like performance
    Performance is crucial to make your chat application a big success. There is no point in getting into the market faster if your app fails to impress your customers. Thankfully, applications built with React Native provide Native-like performance. In simple words, your React Native development company in India can create a top-notch chat app that improves user experience.

  3. Modular app architecture
    Another reason to use React Native for your chat app development is modular app architecture. It ensures smooth updates while making the development process flexible and intuitive. In addition to this, the modular architecture eases app testing.
    In the future, if you want to migrate your React Native chat app to a Native framework, this app architecture streamlines the migration process. It saves you from building a Native chat app from scratch.

  4. Ready-to-use components
    Do you know that React Native is known as a developers’ delight? Are you wondering why? React Native comes with reusable and ready-made components like sliders, widgets, buttons, and more. Developers can use these components as many times they want without writing any code. These components lead to faster and more consistent development of a chat app.
  5. Over-the-Air update
    Over-the-Air or OTA update is an excellent feature of React Native that adds value to your chat app development. It allows you to bypass the standard update procedures of Google Play and the App Store. And directly push JavaScript code bundles to the mobile devices of your users. Hence, you save time and fix the bugs faster with OTA. 

In closing 

React Native is a popular cross-platform framework. It helps you build a high-performing and feature-rich chat app for Android and iOS. Also, you save development time and money. If you are planning to build a chat app for your business in 2022, consider 2022 because it meets all the current needs. 

If you are searching for a reliable React Native development company in India, contact us. We have years of experience delivering high-quality services. 


  1. What is the advantage of having a chat app?

    A chat app can streamline your communications with customers, which helps your business to grow.

  2. Can a chat app boost the support experience for customers?

    Since a chat app offers real-time communication, it can help you improve the support experience for your customers. For example, your customers can send and receive messages easily at any time.

  3. Is a chat app a necessity?

    Although having a chat app is optional, it has become more of a necessity in this cut-throat competition. It helps businesses to streamline their communications, which improves their user experience.

  4. Why should you use React Native to build a chat app?

    Unlike native frameworks, React Native offers faster development, lower development costs, extensive community, and more.