Branding on a Budget: 5 Inexpensive Strategies

Discover: How to Create a Successful Branding Strategy on a Budget?

In the world of marketing, you can’t skip creating a branding strategy. It’s like the cornerstone of your business that helps market your business in an authentic and professional way. Since branding and marketing go hand in hand, they are incomplete without each other. But there’s often confusion around branding. Most businesses think it’s expensive.

Just like an engineer draws out a building plan before building, you should build a brand strategy for your business. But what if you are on a tight budget? Can you still create a powerful brand? The answer is an absolute yes!

The Pursuit of Creating a Brand Strategy on a Budget

As it turns out, there are some inexpensive ways to brand your small business effectively without a ton of cash. While it does require time, the ROI won’t disappoint you, and in some cases, it may actually surprise you. That being said, here are some inexpensive ways to brand your small business, explained by the best branding agency.

  1. Create a Persona

First thing first, using marketing personas can make your website 2 to 5 times more effective. So, understand your target audience by creating a buyer persona, which is a representation of your ideal audience’s values and characteristics.

Know who they are, what their pain-points are, and how to connect with them. The important thing is to determine the goals, needs, and behaviors of your prospects, so you can convey your products or services more easily with your brand strategy.

  1. Define Your Brand Personality

The next step is to create a brand personality. Since customers are the heart of any business, a well-planned brand personality will help you appear as a visionary to develop a proficient outlook. You can take some inspiration from your successful competitors to createa personality that echoes your business goals.

For example, LEZÉ is a women lifestyle brand with a great understanding of brand identity. The brand is always consistent with its branding strategy and uses vibrant colors, powerful images of women, and copies that create a sense of community.

Keep in mind that branding is more than just designing a logo or website. Your brand identity represents who you are as a company, your core values, and your mission. It’s not just the visual look, but also the way you treat your customers.

  1. Prepare your brand assets

Once you have identified your brand personality, the real fun begins now! This is when your brand identity can start taking shape. How? Prepare brand assets like logo, design, website, or app. Pay attention to additional assets like packaging, font, slogan, color, etc.

Make sure these assets are good enough to evoke certain emotions and seek attention. Adding vibrant elements that signify your brand identity can help you ace the market. Be careful when picking the font style, color scheme, logo, and other unique aspects of your brand strategy.

  1. Integrate branding through multiple channels

Marketing becomes more impactful when it is done on multiple channels, especially the ones your target audience uses the most. Use your brand assets like the font, color scheme, and logo to enlighten the brand vision across different channels, such as social media, blogging, website, and video.

You can even infuse your vision and mission on the website page along with some success stories. This will help readers easily relate to your brand strategy and perceive it in their minds. Try to highlight the core values of your business, since that will certainly make you aloof from the crowd.

  1. Be consistent (always)

Branding is an ongoing process, not just a one-time goal. So, you need to follow a consistent approach on social media and website to reach direct customers. If required, utilize marketing techniques like SEO, PPC, SMO, content marketing, and affiliate marketing that can generate a long-term impact on your business image. And don’t forget to create consistent content as it can bring a paradigm shift in your brand strategy.

Summing Up

When building your brand strategy, you don’t have to spend an arm and leg to relentlessly brand your business. All you need is some creativity and inspiration. And now that you know how to inexpensively brand your small business, it’s time to kick-start your branding journey with the best branding agency.