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Top Techniques by PPC Advertising Firm to Improve Blog Visibility

Content is and will remain the king of digital marketing. But if you think writing engaging content will do all the magic, you should rethink. The best way to attract more traffic to your blog is through marketing. Given the cut-throat competition and algorithm changes, blog promotion on social media channels brings a fraction of post reach. Therefore, businesses depend on PPC advertising firms to market their blogs. Below, we have explained some PPC techniques marketers use to increase online traffic to your blog.

Best Practices PPC advertising firms use to promote blog

  1. Google Ads

There is a common misconception among people that Google Ads are too expensive. But this is not the truth. Pay-per-click advertising firms or enterprises can set the prices based on their goals, needs, and budget. If used appropriately, Google Ads can be one of the most affordable ways to advertise your blog. For this, you should have a crystal clear idea about whom to promote and why. The following are three different types of Google Ads, and you can choose what suits you.

a. Google Search Ads – Google Search Ads refer to ads listed on the search network of Google. For these ads, you should bid on long-tail keywords and phrases. After all, they draw reliable traffic with minimum traffic. Here is an example of search ad results for “best mobile app development companies.”

best mobile app development companies

But before you create Google Search Ads for your blog, it is vital to understand your audience. The following questions most PPC services providers in India recommend asking to find the right target audience.

  • Is your content solving their problems?
  • Is your content answering the questions your potential customers asked?
  • What type of content do my competitors offer?

b. Gmail Sponsored Ads – Gmail Sponsored Ads are similar to emails. So, they appear in the inboxes of online users. With this type of ad, you can promote your blog effectively. Unlike email ad campaigns, you do not have to write an email to reach your target audience.

Unlike other Google Ads, Gmail Sponsored Ads are cold leads. For this reason, PPC advertising firms encourage writing compelling ad copies. As a result, you can attract more traffic to your blog.

c. Google Display Ads – Display Ads are ads that appear when you browse online, watch videos, and visit a website or app. Although these are common for promoting products, you can use them to aware your audience of your blog. If you want to make your marketing more effective, use graphics to solve the problems of your potential audience.

Here is one example of how brands use Google Display Ads:

google display ads

  1. Facebook Dark Posts

A Facebook Dark Post refers to an unpublished post. These ads are not published on the Business Page or feed of advertisers. Instead, dark post displays on the targeted customers’ feeds. It is one of the most popular techniques among PPC advertising firms to promote blogs, websites, etc.

With these types of ads, you can draw specific and relevant traffic to your blog. The most important thing is you can choose your users using ad targeting while broadening your reach. But what makes Facebook dark posts better than other Facebook ads? Below, we have listed the top reasons.

a. Customization – Unlike organic Facebook ads, dark posts are more personalized. It allows you to choose your audience, which helps you keep your budget low. Plus, you are aware of your target audience, so you can accordingly your ad copy.

b. A/B testing – Dark posts allow you to A/B test any modifications and changes you make in your Facebook posts. It is advisable to track the responses of your target audiences.

c. Improved content – You can use PPC data to get insights into the content your audience likes the most. Based on this finding, your PPC services providers in India can create relevant and quality content.

d. Avoid spam content – Another benefit of using dark posts is you can prevent cluttering your feed and Business Page. If you use too much content, it might look spammy, and your audience will not read your social media posts.

  1. LinkedIn Ads

Do you know a B2B business or blog site? If yes, you should invest in LinkedIn ads. LinkedIn is used by professionals like employers, job seekers, and others use it. With a well-written ad copy, you can draw potential customers, clients, and associates to your business blog.

The best thing about running ads on LinkedIn is your potential audience is already on the platform. You need the right content to reach out to your customers. Learn PPC ad creation through various tutorials available online.

LinkedIn allows pay-per-click advertising firms to run a variety of ads. These are

    • Dark Posts
    • Organic posts
    • Carousel ads
    • Display ads
    • Video ads 

You can choose the most relevant ad type for your blog depending on your goals and needs.

  1. Twitter ads

Most people neglect Twitter when it comes to blog promotion. The primary reason is they think about whether their users are on the platform or not. Most pay-per-click advertising firms use Twitter to promote their brands and blogs. You can leverage promoted tweets, moments, and trends to attract a new audience to your blog.

In addition to this, Twitter lets you create a thread, which is a series of Tweets. But using threads is tricky. They can go viral or fail miserably. For this reason, always hire the best PPC advertising firm.

The crux

You have an eye-catchy blog with well-search posts and content. But it will not drive any traffic as long as your audience does not see it. Therefore, blog promotion is critical. Here are the best PPC techniques to gain the much-need traffic. Use these top platforms to improve the online visibility of your business blog.

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  1. What is PPC?

    PPC refers to pay-per-click. It is a popular online marketing practice that allows advertisers to pay for each click or engagement on their ad campaign.

  2. Which is better SEO or PPC?

    Both SEO and PPC play an essential role in digital marketing to help businesses grow. However, the former is cost-effective but offers slow results. On the other hand, PPC cost you some money with quick results.