Be Real with your Content Marketing Strategy

Being original and creating something original is difficult, right?

I know. To stay in this competitive digital world, we have to be creative and seek originality on content marketing strategy all the time. But that has a reason for being. Both people and tools (Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn) highly value what is original and what is different!

Now, being original with the amount of information traveling and the amount of people creating and producing all the time is really challenging. So, let’s go to the tips:

1 – What do you do differently? Really differently?

Start by emphasizing your REAL differentials and creating content on top of that.

2 – Talk to your customers and followers.

Start by answering them, about their most common doubts. They are the ones who matter, if they react and interact, the objective has been accomplished.

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3 – Your vision and your version of the facts matter.

Do you have a different way of analyzing a case, a specific situation?
Explore this view and present the arguments for it.

4 – Inspiration is not a copy.

Analyze what your indirect and direct competitor publishes and get inspired to create yours and try to do better. The inspiration for something original is fueled by research.

So you create original content as it is exclusively yours.

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