7 Best Vue.js Tools for Development

An Essential List of Tools/Libraries for Vue.js Developers

When it comes to JavaScript frameworks, Vue.js is a popular option for more than 1,994,300 live websites. The fact is, it continues to grow in popularity and is being adopted by our Vue.js development company in Armenia.

If you are serious about Vue.js development, you will need to meet some fundamental tools and libraries in your development journey. Using them will not only level up your career, but also make you feel like a pro.

Enough talk: here is an essentiallist of tools for Vue.js developers in Armenia.

  1. Vue CLI

    Having a CLI tool is a must for every Vue.js development project. Its standard toolkit makes rapid Vue.js development easier than ever. This is a library that comes with a graphical user interface to quickly prototype your applications. Also, Vue CLI has out-of-the-box support for development tools like Babel, PostCSS, TypeScript, etc.

  2. VuePress

    The next big tool in the Vue.js development ecosystem is VuePress, which is a static site generator. Initially known as a tool for writing technical documentation, it’s a compact headless CMS that comes with a default theme. You can build custom themes and write the content in Markdown. Plus, you can include Vue.js components within your Markdown files.

  3. Vuex

    State management is a key problem among many developers. This is because of the lack of proper control of the state. Luckily, you can use Vuex – a state management system that serves as a centralized store for all the app components. It can centralize state management functions and mutate them in a predictable way. Also, Vuex offers useful features like state snapshot export and zero-config time-travel debugging.

  4. Vuetify

    As the name implies, Vuetify stands for “Vue + beautify.” It’s a great library of handcrafted UI components that can create beautiful applications. The best part is, you don’t have to be a professional designer to use this library. On top of that,built-in SSR support is also available with this tool.

  5. Vue Apollo

    If you want to integrate GraphQL with Vue.js, try Vue Apollo. It is a versatile tool to harness the potential of APIS. The components of Vue Apollo allow developers to query for just the right data. It provides a Schema Language for the back-end management and a Query Language for the front-end.

  6. Vue Dummy

    Vue Dummy is a simple yet powerful GitHub project. It can facilitate the prototyping of Vue.js apps by acting as a Vue.js wrapper around the DummyJS library. The tool is widely popular for adding Lorem Ipsum placeholder texts and dummy images to development projects. It has a straightforward syntax, where you can generate a paragraph using the simplest code.

  7. VuePack

    VuePack is a starter kit for Vue.js development projects. It has a collection of handpicked Vue.js components, including navigation elements, forms, charts, notifications, etc. What makes VuePack special is that it is easy-to-use and allows developers to pick and download Vue components as a minified JavaScript file.

Final Thoughts

 Hope this list gave you an idea about the most popular Vue.js development tools. If you are in search of Vue.js development services in Armenia, we are here. Our developers are proficient and well-versed when it comes to using the aforesaid tools. Talk to us and start building user-friendly, lightweight, and swift Vue.js interfaces today.


  1. Why would I use Vue.js?

    Unlike other frameworks, Vue.js is great when building large-scale apps. It can excel when you want to work with legacy applications or get something done quickly.

  2. Is Vue.js reliable?

    Vue is a battle-tested framework widely used in the development sector these days. With over 1.5 million users, it powers renowned organizations all around the world.

  3. What companies use Vue.js?

    Everyone from NASA to Apple and Google to Microsoft uses Vue.js and its tools/libraries. Other prominent names include GitLab, Statista, Trivago, and Accenture.

  4. How fast is Vue.js?

    Vue.js 3 is the fastest mainstream frontend framework that can handle most web application use cases without any hassle.In fact, it outperforms React and Angular in stress-testing scenarios.

  5. How do you use Vue.js?

    We use Vue.js for both web and app development. Our developers are able to develop feature-rich single-page applications, UI interfaces, prototypes, and much more…

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