Simple Guide to Improve Your Underperforming Content

How to Optimize Underperforming Content: A Web Content Writing Course

Ever wondered what does it take to succeed with your SEO campaign or web content writing course? The answer is content. Yes, content is king, but only the good one. Bad or underperforming content can damage your ranking, brand reputation, and user engagement. Here, having a sound content strategy consists of unique and engaging content that automatically improves the user experience, generates backlinks, and improves the overall website traffic.

In a highly competitive, content is the best way to fuel your digital marketing strategy. Even though it may get old, high-quality content can generate 76% of your online traffic. Talking about the elephant in the room, you should know how to detect and improve your underperforming content. Here’s a much-needed web content writing course for you.

Detect Underperforming Content with the Best Content Writing Agency in India

Underperforming content, in the simplest words, is the content that fails to gather any growth or momentum irrespective of the time invested in it. It basically fails to achieve your desired ROI and can be classified into two categories.

  1. Old content that received huge traffic and visibility in the beginning, but is no longer profitable at present.
  2. Content that has never generated any leads, profits, engagement, and sales for your brand.

When it comes to determining underperforming content, timespan can play a huge role. Also, the quality of the content is responsible for generating consistent readership and engagement. There are other factors that diminish the value of content, such as irrelevant and trivial information, plagiarized and repetitive content, bad timing and place of content, technical fallout from Google index, etc.

A Web Content Writing Course to Fix Underperforming Content

If you’re spending a huge amount of time and money in an online content writing tutorial, you deserve to reap the great benefits of high website traffic, more leads, and more sales. Here are some simple ways to improve the performance of your content and drive more traffic:

  • Understand Search Intent

Every web content writing course and content revolves around search intent, which is an interesting concept. Here, the thing is to research what the SERP looks like for the topic of interest. Analyze it and all its organic and non-organic features. What type of content does Google favor? How competitive the keywords of focus are? How high the competitors are ranking for them? All these questions will give you a realistic view of your chances of ranking on the first page of Google.

  • Make Pages Easy to Crawl and Index

Your page should not fall under any path of blocked resources in the Robots.txt file. It should not be provided with a no-index meta robots tag or a canonical tag pointing. Irrelevant or poor canonical tags get easily ignored by Google, so check if that is the case in the URL inspection tool. Also, make sure your website is free from non-SEO-friendly JavaScript, which can alter key on-page elements like headers, body content, and internal links.

  • Use the Best Keywords

Keywords can make or break your content game and help you reap the benefits of your web content writing course. So, make sure your content is stuffed with the right keywords. The point is that your keywords should always match users’ search intent. This will not only rank your content high in the SERP, but also get more social shares.

  • Prioritize Readability

Readability is responsible for making your content easy to understand. There are numerous ways to increase it. For instance, avoid using long sentences, jargon, and passive voice to make your content readable. The thing is to make sure that your content’s tone and language align perfectly with your readers’ intent.

Concluding Remarks

So, these are the tips you need to re-optimize your underperforming content. I hope this web content writing course is useful! If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with the experts at the best content writing agency in India.


  1. What does Content Optimization Mean?

    Content optimization is the process of finding and optimizing your new or old content for Google.

  2. Why Content Optimization Matters?

    When you don’t optimize your content, it’s as good as invisible. Optimized content outranks competitors, earns more backlinks, drives traffic, generates leads, boosts sales, and more.

  3. How can I Optimize my Content?

    Some common content optimization strategies are writing SEO-friendly URLs, including your target keywords, optimizing for featured snippets, creating Meta descriptions, and improving readability.