Best practices to generate quality leads with PPC

How can a Pay-Per-Click Company Help You Generate Quality Leads?

More customers are the ultimate goal behind running tons of ad campaigns. After all, existing customers are not enough to grow a business. Do you want to increase customer numbers? Then here is how a Pay-Per-Click company can help.

Below, we will explain the best hacks to drive quality leads using PPC. But do you know what PPC is? How does it work? Don’t worry! As a leading Pay-Per-Click management agency, we can clear all your doubts.

What is PPC?

 PPC refers to Pay-Per-Click. It is one of the widely used digital marketing practices. Advertisers pay based on the number of clicks on the ads. In simple words, you buy each visit on your website.

Google Ads is the most common form of PPC ads. With this type of ad, the Pay-Per-Click company helps businesses to bid for top ad placement on Google. They use relevant keywords that their potential audience uses for search. When an online user searches a keyword you have optimized your pages for, you will appear on the top search engine results.

There is one mistake businesses commit when using PPC for lead generation. Unlike organic ads, Pay-Per-Click ad campaigns require money investment. In some cases, people may pour thousands of dollars. They do generate a significant number of leads but not quality leads. That is where they go wrong. All the effort and investment they made generated “junk leads.” If you do not want to be in a similar situation, these best practices are for you. The top Pay-Per-Click companies use hacks to create quality leads.

Best tips Pay-Per-Click companies use for quality lead generation

 We will list proven strategies that a Pay-Per-Click company uses to drive better quality leads. Here is what you should know.

  1. Establish URL tracking

The first step to ensuring effective PPC ad campaigns is to track the associated elements. There are many other than conversions. It will give an idea of which keyword has a higher searching rate, the ad campaign that brings more leads, the device they used, and more. The best way to do so is by using ValueTrack Parameters and UTM parameters. These refer to tags that you add at the end of landing page URLs.

Since you are using Google ads, your prospective Pay-Per-Click company will set up these parameters in the Campaign URL options. It is accessible under campaign settings.

  1. Determine potential opportunities

You have set up URL tracking parameters. The next step is to store them in your contacts database. For this, you need to create hidden fields in landing page form. Keep in mind each UTM parameter needs one field. However, before mapping them to hidden fields, it is crucial to create personalized fields or properties. After this, your Pay-Per-Click company will sync your contacts with CRM. It will enable you to evaluate opportunities that generate more leads.

Also, do not forget to view the lead status and, accordingly, you can segment them as follows:

    • Marketing qualified lead
    • Sales qualified lead
    • Customer
    • Deal amount 
  1. Campaigns segmentation

Running ad campaigns for each product or service is a big no-no. Instead, your Pay-Per-Click company helps you find different ways your potential customers use to search for your solutions. You can accomplish this by segmenting your campaigns based on the main feature, target industry, sub-category, geographic location, etc.

After segmentation, you must use the necessary assets to set up each campaign. These assets are keywords, landing pages, and Ads. It will help you focus on your marketing efforts and lead to quality leads and better conversions.

  1. Identify and target relevant keywords

Keywords are the backbone of Pay-Per-Click ad campaigns. If you fail to target the right keywords, you will not get desired results. For this, it is crucial to keep your keyword search game strong. Your Pay-Per-Click company will help you identify the most relevant keywords to your niche and target them in your segmented campaigns. Today, we have plenty of keyword research tools that make identifying the relevant keywords easier.

Pro Tip: To attract quality leads, you must target the relevant keywords in your paid campaign. Always keep your audience’s intent in mind when targeting keywords. Use only the most searched keywords.

  1. Write a relevant ad copy

Most people make the mistake of writing ad copy that brings more click-through rates. In this way, you will get the best quality leads. According to top Pay-Per-Click companies, you should focus on writing ad copies to pre-qualify your visitors. It will ensure you get traffic that is more relevant to your business. Do not forget to add elements like business size, your operating industry, pricing, and target persona when you write an ad copy.

  1. Tailor your landing pages

By personalizing your landing pages for your ad groups, you can maximize conversion rates. But you should consider needs, wants, and challenges before doing so. Based on this, you can write the content. It will ensure you get relevant and quality leads.

  1. Track your competitors

Your competitors are your best teacher. For example, if they are doing well on search engine result pages, take inspiration from the strategy they used. On the other hand, if they are performing poorly, learn from their mistakes and try not to make them. It might seem too much work. But your experienced Pay-Per-Click company will help track your competitors and give insight into their strategy.

Note:* You should not blatantly copy their strategy.

  1. Schedule

The last step to using PPC to generate high-quality leads is creating your ad schedule. It is critical even if you want to run your ad campaign 24/7. You can schedule your ad on a day-based or break it into hourly segments. Once you schedule it, you can track its performance with ease.

The crux

Per-Per-Click ads are an excellent way to attract quality leads. But to make sure you do not gather trash, follow these tips. Also, having an experienced Pay-Per-Click company by your side can boost your chances of success.

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