A Detailed Understanding of NodeJs Architecture

JavaScript was, is, and will always remain relevant in the web application industry. All thanks to its powerful frameworks like NodeJs.

While there are other popular JavaScript frameworks, NodeJs is unique in several ways. To begin with, Node works on JavaScript V8 Engine by Google Chrome. It allows developers to create I/O intensive applications, including single-page applications, video streaming websites, chat apps, and more.

Also, the web applications built with NodeJs are lightweight, non-blocking, fast, scalable, and robust. Besides these, many other features are the reason why people love NodeJs in Albania and throughout the world. Given its exceptional features, another thing that sets NodeJs apart from other frameworks is its architecture.

Compared to other front-end technologies, the NodeJs architecture offers numerous benefits to web applications. Below, we will explore more about NodeJs architecture and its associated advantages. But hang on! First, let us understand the importance of good architecture for web development.

  • Why is it essential to have good architecture for web development?

The technology you use for web app development must have quality architecture. Hence, you can meet the future needs and requirements of your project. But what will happen if your architecture is messy? We will find it here.

      1. You may face problems like complex and unreadable code. As a result, the development process will elongate. Plus, testing products is not easy.
      2. Chaotic architecture leads to unwanted repetition. It makes maintaining and managing code difficult.
      3. Also, in the future, you will face challenges implementing new features.
  • NodeJs Architecture: Everything you need to know

The architecture of NodeJs includes the following components, and each of them has a specific function.

      1. Single-threaded – Often mistaken to be multi-threaded, NodeJs architecture is single-threaded. With this feature, you can avoid context switching.
      2. Event loop – While the NodeJs architecture has the single-threaded feature, the event loop helps the framework carry out non-blocking I/O operations. It uses the ‘libuv’ library to handle the processes and queue the asynchronous events.
      3. Non-Blocking I/O model – The Non-Blocking I/O model of NodeJs prevents the Main Thread from waiting for external processes to complete. The Worker’s Thread executes tasks asynchronously. It means the Main Thread can take requests. However, once the execution is over on the Worker’s Thread, they will send it to the Main Thread. It is the best non-blocking way to manage code execution.
  • The workflow of NodeJs architecture

The following is the flow of a web server developed with NodeJs:

      1. Firstly, the client will send requests to the webserver and ensure interaction with the web app. Here, the requests could be blocking or non-blocking, like deleting data, querying for data, and updating the data.
      2. After this, NodeJs will recover the requests and add them to the Event Queue.
      3. Once done, each request will pass through the Event Loop. It will make sure the requests are simple. If not, it might use external resources.
      4. Only simple requests or non-blocking operations will be processed through Event Loop. Finally, it will send responses to the respective clients.
  • Benefits of NodeJs architecture

NodeJs architecture offers countless advantages for front-end development, which other solutions might not have.

      1. Since Event Loop handles an individual request, it prevents the creation of multiple threads.
      2. Thanks to Thread Pool and Event Queue, NodeJs can handle multiple incoming requests efficiently.
      3. It does not require much memory and resources because it manages requests one by one.

The conclusion

These advantages show that the NodeJs architecture plays an essential role in making web applications faster and more responsive. If you want to create a robust, higher performant, and feature-rich application, hire experts of NodeJs in Albania.

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