7 Social Media Mistakes You Must Avoid

Want to know what social media mistakes brands make the most? Let us explain some of them that we consider as the main ones. They are explained below:

1. Not being clear about the objectives

One of the first questions you should ask yourself is: Why are you on social media?

  • What is your primary and secondary objective there?
  • What does your brand want as a strategy?
  • Why are you on the channels you are on?

Without being clear about what you are doing, chances are great that you will be able to create content just to “be there” or “because the competitors are too.” And it shows that you are on a ship with no direction.

2. Be on all social media channels (and being unable to feed them all)

Having multiple channels (and not being able to “feed” them all) is another mistake on social media. The strategy can be interesting, you must have enough content to feed them – and know why you are using each one. Otherwise it may be a shot in the foot.

There are many social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, TikTok, YouTube, WhatsApp, Messenger… and the list can go further. It is not easy to feed several of them at the same time.

It is best to focus on a few channels and have a good presence on them.

3. Focus on quantity instead of quality

Not always posting more means a better strategy. Maybe yes, maybe not.

We always recommend to post daily if possible. We understand that execution and practice will bring about an improvement in performance over time. You will learn what to do. What works and what doesn’t work. It is necessary to mix quantity and quality, but if you have to choose, choose quality.

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4. Lack of consistency

It is almost the opposite of the previous one. The lack of consistency is another mistake on social media that “kills your game” in the medium and long term.

5. Publish the same content on multiple platforms

Instagram is very different from LinkedIn, which in turn is very different from TikTok. The same content does not always make sense for more than one social media. It is necessary to adapt the language, content and format for each network.

6. Do not upload videos to social media platforms

Videos are essential to humanize the brand, generate more authority and engagement with your brand. Therefore, making use of this type of format makes you gain relevance.

In addition, something super important, but much less talked about is: with videos it is possible to create specific personalized audiences according to the views of each video.

7. Do not distribute content

If the content is king, the distribution is the queen.

Invest in content distribution on paid channels so that your content is seen by more people. We talked a lot about this subject in the video below with all the details.

Conclusion – about social media mistakes

These are some common social media mistakes that we find in companies from different sectors and we decided to summarize here. Is that you? Do you agree with them? No? Is there any other classic error that we didn’t insert here? Leave it to us in the comments!

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