6 Tips to Boost your Instagram

Want to grow your Instagram?

Check out these tips that are useful for any social network!

1 – Your content needs to be useful.

The greater the value of the content you create, the more will be the engagement, saving and sharing. Useful content spreads and reaches many more people.

2 – Use hashtags

Try to use the best hashtags for your segment. This means doing research on search volumes, understanding whether words make sense in your niche, varying between simple and compound words, etc. (This subject is so relevant that we will have a wonderful post just about it later this week!)

3 – Create interaction points

Talk to people, ask questions, answer comments and participate in other people’s social networks. The time you spend on the network consuming and producing content is proportional to the result you can get!

4 – Be dynamic

Use Instagram resources so your audience can participate and do it in an agile way.

Try to be an “early adopter”. Test first. Who does it first has priority from the point of view of the platforms!

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5 – Advertise

Don’t rely only on organic growth. Invest in targeted ads – the famous “paid traffic”. But, do it intelligently and consistently.

6 – Analyze

Use the metrics to understand the behavior of your followers and create content that they love! With that in mind, explore variations of that content to grow.

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Naveen Kumar

Naveen Kumar is an SEO expert working as a full time in a multinational company as an SEO team leader and have more than 5 years’ experience with clients from different niches & sizes.

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