5 YouTube Tips to Help Smaller Channels Grow in 2021

Checkout five YouTube tips aimed at smaller channels that are looking to build an audience and just getting started for the first time.

Build your channel around an audience

Build Your Channel Around An Audience

We encourage small YouTube creators to develop their content around people. Think about who’s watching the channel, what they’re interested in, and how their interests are likely to change over the course of six months to a year or more.

Design content strategies around people and their interests. Adjust these strategies as people’s interests change. You can also checkout the article Be original with your content marketing strategy to learn more.

Find your niche

With more and more content than ever on the internet, it’s getting tougher to stand out. The Digi Duck recommends looking for underserved niche categories and going after market gaps.

Do something better than what already exists, or do something different.

Watch lots of videos

Content creators are advised to watch lots of videos, just as a business owner keeps an eye on his market with continual research.

Look at creators who are producing similar content and think about what they’re doing to make it work so well. The idea is not to copy the videos, but to understand what the public likes to watch.

Want to create engaging content on the go?

create engaging content

Check your content for compatibility, readability, and consistency with SEO. Generate more traffic and increase engagement.

Establish a brand

YouTube recommends establishing a strong brand, maintaining a style between:

  • Titles
  • Thumbnails
  • Colors
  • Graphics
  • Sources
  • And so on

A differentiated branding helps a channel and its content stand out among the many options viewers have on YouTube today.

A brand helps viewers become familiar with a channel and recognize it as soon as it is offered in recommendations. This can lead to more clicks and views on channel content. Speaking of what, read the Top Social Media Platforms for Your Online Branding.

For new, smaller channels, YouTube tells you to think about which fonts, colors, and styles best represent your brand. Then you should ensure these elements are present right there in the channel icon, channel art, channel description, and channel trailer.

Be consistent

Consistency is key to growth on YouTube, as it can take time and experiment for viewers to get into the habit of watching a channel regularly.

To keep viewers coming back to watch, creators have had success with strategies such as consistently submitting on a schedule. This actually helps viewers understand when to expect new content.

Channels that retain an audience tend to make videos on topics similar to those that initially helped them attract people or viewers.

YouTube channels shouldn’t limit your creativity, but some consistency will help increase the number of views in the beginning.

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