An Online Content Writing Tutorial ofbest practices to write excellent copies for your PPC ads

5 Secrets to Writing Winning Ad Copies: An Online Content Writing Tutorial

Around 64.6% of customers rely on Google for shopping anything on the internet. Thus, it is a predictable event that pay-per-click ads are in demand. But many businesses need help with ads even after acing keyword research and other essentials. The reason is a lack of writing skills. Are you in the same boat? Then, this online content writing tutorial is your best bet.

You should know that “content is and will be the king.” So, no matter what you do, if your content is not compelling enough, your PPC ads will fail. Digital marketing is a highly saturated industry. Therefore, if you want your PPC ads to stand out, you should excel in all aspects, especially content.

So far, we have been learning from top AdWords management companies in India that to attract more clicks, you need quality content. The same trend will continue in 2023 and beyond. It will become more important to stand out from the competition. Every year new trends and updates are released. Despite all the technological advancements and new features, writing ad copy remains the same.

If you want to write compelling ad copies and are still figuring out how to do it, this post is for you. We will list best practices that help you write great ad copies.

An online content writing tutorial to write a successful ad copy

Best practices to write excellent copies for your PPC ads

  • Focus on your end user’s goal

Your audience will not click your ad because they think, “Wow, it’s a cool ad.” It does not work like this. They click ad advertisements that add value to their experience or solve a problem. If you want to write effective ad copy, it is essential to reflect the user’s goal.

When writing your ads, consider the user and what they want. Based on this, write your ad copy in a way that directly appeals to their desire. To do so, you need to understand your target audience and their needs.

Put yourself in the shoes of your audience to better understand them. Consider their problems and offer a suitable solution. After all, writing PPC ads solely from your perspective will not win many customers. Most online content writing tutorials emphasize determining what is most important to the target audience and approach PPC ad copy from that standpoint.

  • Use emotional triggers

There is nothing better than including emotional triggers in your ad copy to motivate people to act. This tactic works like magic when delivered online. No wonder clickbait is so powerful. People read something, have a strong emotional reaction to it, and then click through. It is one of the most effective techniques for writing PPC ad copy.

No, we are not saying your audience should weep. However, emotionally driven ads can help online users to connect with brands.

The emotional responses you can try to elicit will vary based on various factors. It includes what you are offering and the effect you want on your prospects. Negative emotions such as anger, disgust, and fear can elicit a powerful response in the reader. But it can be hard to balance this reaction with the rest of your messaging. For this reason, it is best to avoid including negative emotions in your ad copies. To know more about emotions in-depth, refer to online content writing tutorials by experts.

  • Include numbers

If you want to draw attention, create ads that make customers’ lives easier. The first step is to cut the crap and talk to the point. You can add numbers or statistics to your ad copy. It will be more effective if you do it in the headline.

Besides attracting more traffic, numbers help you improve your CTR because they make your ad look more authoritative.

  • Emphasize your special qualities

There are millions of online websites selling goods or services. And each day the number is increasing. Therefore, it is critical to highlight the qualities that distinguish you from the rest.

If you follow online content writing tutorials by professionals, all emphasize the same thing. These days, customers prefer domestically produced products over abroad because of reliability.

Besides this, online users respect environmentally friendly practices. If your company shares similar values, do not forget to highlight them in your PPC ad. List the qualities that distinguish your company from others and mention them in your ad copy.

  • Address your audience directly.

Use “you” and “your” in the ad copy to address your audience personally. It will give them a sense of importance. Additionally, this gives the impression that your firm is approachable, helpful, and kind. As a result, more people will buy your products and services.

The bottom line

Writing compelling content copy for your PPC is not easy. By practicing these tips, you can create an ad copy that meets your audience’s needs and preferences. But remember, a good copy is not enough for a successful PPC ad in 2023. Combine it with a well-searched strategy. You can hire the best content writing agency in India for better assistance.

If you need advanced online content writing tutorials to boost your skills, follow our blog. At Digiduck, our expert writers share tips and tutorials on various marketing techniques.


  • What is pay-per-click advertising?

Pay-per-click or PPC refers to marketing that allows marketers to pay based on the clicks they receive on their ads.  Simply put, you only pay for advertising when a user clicks on your ad.

  • What PPC models online advertisers use to determine rates?

Pay-per-click Marketers use two models to determine the advertising rates. These are:

    • Flat-rate model
    • Bid-based model