nsight into essential libraries for Xamarin development.

5 Libraries You Should Use in Xamarin Development in 2022

In current times, the choice of any technology depends on one question – Is it affordable and fast? It is not as easy as it looks because there is a pool of technologies. And no solution is perfect. 

For example, some may be high-performant, robust, and efficient. But they are available at a hefty amount. On the contrary, others save money and time but are not efficient. Fortunately, we have a technology near-native and save time and resources without affecting performance and look. That is Xamarin. 

  • What is Xamarin?

Like most frameworks, Xamarin is open-source, which means available for free. It has gained popularity for its cross-platform implementation while offering a native-like look and performance. Do you know Xamarin is a globally acclaimed toolset for hybrid mobile app development? 

Over the past few years, businesses have started to rely on Xamarin development services in India for their advantages. However, a framework cannot do anything on its own. It needs libraries to improve and enhance the functionalities. Today, we will look at top libraries that you should consider for Xamarin development in India. 

  1. MVVMCross

    Do you want your application to work on multiple platforms? If so, MVVMCross is a perfect library. It is one of the leading Xamarin libraries that implements MVVM design-pattern in your mobile app. As a result, you can reuse the core code on various platforms. 

    When it comes to MVVM, it refers to Model, View, and ViewModel. It allows separating objects into three groups – Model, View, ViewModel. Remember, each group has a specific function, such as:

      • Model – It holds the app data.
      • ViewModel – It helps transfer model information as values to View.
      • View – It displays values. 

    Xamarin developers in India can access package manager to add this library. For this, they need to the following code in the package manager console:Install-Package MvvmCross.Forms

  2. ModernHttpClient

    If you are looking for state-of-the-art platform-specific networking libraries, ModernHttpClient is the answer. It also provides custom HttpClient handlers. With this library, you can ensure faster network IO. It works by calling libraries such as OkHttp 1.5 and NSUrlSession for iOS and Android. Here are some features that make this library unique.

      • It improves the speed of HTTP requests.
      • You can use components with ease.
      • It allows you to skip the Mono runtime bottleneck with native libraries. 
  3. Akavanche

    Another must-have library for Xamarin development is Akavanche. Based on C# and SQLite3, it is an asynchronous key-pair value for desktop and mobile applications. The primary purpose of Akavache is to store essential data while caching expired local data. In addition to this, it makes common application patterns hassle-free and combines caching of various object types. 

    The best thing about Akavanche is its compatibility with several platforms and devices. To add this library, go to the package manager and write this code in Package Manager Console:

    Install-Package akavache

  4. ReactiveUI

    ReactUI is similar to MVVMCross. So, it is also an MVVM design library. It allows Xamarin developers to create testable, composable, and reactive UI code. Also, you can use this library to merge reactive programming and MVVM pattern. You do this by offering features like WhenActivated, ReactiveCommand, WhenAnyValue, Data Binding, and more. But there is a difference between ReactiveUI and MVVMCross. The former is a Pick and Choose library, whereas the latter offers a complete MVVM experience. 

    If you want to add ReactiveUI in your Xamarin development, access the package manager. After this, write this code in Package Manager Console:


  5. Reactive extensions

    Although it is a library for Xamarin, it is compatible with many development environments. It is used for creating asynchronous and event-based programs. To complete this task, it uses observables and configures it with LINQ. 

    For example, you have an event, and to monitor this event, you need to create an observable. Once done, the next step is to act in the event. But firstly, you need to set the criteria to take action with LINQ. Like MVVMCross and ReactiveUI, it is MVVM design library.

The crux

These are trendy libraries that you can use for Xamarin development in India. However, there are more. By using these libraries, your developer can create robust Xamarin applications with enhanced functionalities. 

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  1. What is Xamarin?

    It is an open-source framework with cross-platform development capabilities. Xamarin allows developers to build native-near apps for iOS, Android, and Windows using a shared #C codebase.

  2. What are benefits of using Xamarin for your business app?

    Xamarin offers numerous advantages when building applications. Some of them are listed below:

    • Code sharing
    • Native performance
    • Support by Microsoft
    • Less time to market
    • Easy code maintenance
  3. Are there any limitations of using Xamarin?

    Xamarin has several pros. But it does not mean it is devoid of disadvantages. Here are listed some.

    • Small and limited community
    • Lagging API support
    • Code overhead

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