Busting top myths about PHP development

4 Common Misconceptions about PHP Development: Debunked

The Internet is the best source to fetch information and knowledge. 

But is everything you read reliable? Now, that could be a discussion. The digital space serves people with various opinions. So, they write blog posts as per their preferences and experiences. 

For example, PHP empowers around 77.6% of global websites. But still, you will find several posts saying that PHP is dead. It is a misconception because PHP has grown more popular than ever. Not only this, it has undergone a lot of improvements to ensure a hassle-free web development experience. 

Often, fallacies can prevent people from making the right choices. The same applies to PHP. If you want to use this programming language for your project, no falsehoods should stop you. It is your right to know what is true. Here are the misconceptions that influence your decision to hire a PHP development company in India. Before diving into these myths, it is vital to have a clear understanding of PHP. 

  • An overview PHP

PHP also refers to as Hypertext Preprocessor, is a leading general-purpose scripting language. It enables developers to create robust and highly-interactive websites. 

The world of technology evolves every second. As a result, we have new software and tools regularly. Despite the influx of cutting-edge languages, PHP still has a strong grip on the market. To prevent you from missing the excellent opportunity to build a dynamic website with PHP, we will bring light to certain myths in the industry. 

  • Debunking common PHP development misconceptions 
  1. PHP is difficult to use
    All programming languages are designed to bring positive results. However, the ease of use depends on your PHP developer in India. If your programmer is a novice, the result will be bad coding. PHP has an extensive community of developers. They are continuously working to make the necessary improvements and changes.
    Also, the well-written documentation and tutorials make it easy for developers to learn PHP. Did we mention PHP has in-house support? All these factors make PHP a better and more efficient web development tool.

  2. PHP lacks flexibility and scalability
    Although more than 70% of websites use PHP, the majority of them have low traffic. Based on this data, people have assumed that PHP is inflexible and non-scalable. But a myth is a myth. In reality, PHP has been a choice for large-scale online platforms. Some of these are WordPress, Facebook, Etsy, Wikipedia, MailChimp, etc.
    With each platform severing millions of users, there should not be any doubt about whether it is scalable or not.

  3. PHP has security issues
    Another myth about PHP is that it lacks security owing to its open-source nature. But this cannot be true, as leading tech giants use this programming language. And they cannot afford to mess with their security.
    But remember, any coding language can fall prey to online malware and vulnerabilities. It depends on your PHP developer in India and the security practices. Thanks to frameworks like Laravel or Symfony, PHP can offer the utmost security to your website.

  4. PHP is suitable for small-scale websites
    We wonder why this myth exists because you just learned about top companies using PHP. Some of these include Wikipedia, Facebook, Flickr, and Yahoo. Given their user base, they do not have a small application. So, having this myth is pointless. 

In closing 

Undoubtedly, PHP has both pros and cons like any other programming language. Hiring a PHP developer in India depends on your project needs and goals. But no fallacies should come in the way of your decision. Now that you know the truth, it is time to choose the most suitable option for your website project. If PHP resonates well with your website development requirements, hire reliable PHP development services. 

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  1. What is PHP?

    PHP is a well-known general-purpose scripting language. It helps developers build dynamic and interactive websites of any size.

  2. Is PHP a popular programming language?

    With 77.6% of websites using PHP, you do not need evidence of its popularity. Not only this, brands like Facebook, Wikipedia, Yahoo, Flickr, and more are built on PHP.

  3. What are the key features of PHP?

    As we mentioned, PHP is a popular server-side language. It has gained traction because of its excellent features, such as:

    • Database support
    • Performance
    • Open-source
    • Embedded in HTML
    • Error reporting
    • Loosely typed language

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