Insight into the best PHP frameworks in 2022

3 Best Frameworks to Boost PHP Development in 2022

Even though PHP is one of the oldest programming languages, it is stillwidely-used. But it cannot offer the speed and performance like modern languages. Therefore, to stay relevant and compete with others, PHP continued to evolve. As a result, we have PHP frameworks.

  • What are PHP frameworks?

These are built-in features that help developers to boost the website development lifecycle. PHP frameworks are bliss to both developers and enterprises. They reduce the workload of developers while ensuring faster development. You must be wondering how?

Traditionally, developers had to write thousands of coding lines for web application development. It was tedious, time-consuming, and expensive. Therefore, PHP frameworks come into the picture. These tools come with reusable and easy-to-maintain code. That means developers need not write codes again and again.

Before you hire PHP developers in the Philippines, it is crucial to know about the leading frameworks in 2022. Read below!

  • Top PHP frameworks to watch out for in 2022

There are plenty of PHP frameworks available today. So, making a choice would be a daunting task. Also, like other technologies, the trends in PHP frameworks keep changing. We will list the top three frameworks that improve your PHP development. You can pick the most suitable option that fulfills your needs and demands.

  1. Laravel
    Laravel has been in the top position for a while now. It is known as the PHP framework for web artisans because of its expressive and elegant syntax.
    As compared to other PHP frameworks, Laravel is relatively new. But it took the website development industry by storm, thanks to its speed, security, and ease of handling complex applications. Here are some exciting features that make it outshine other PHP frameworks.

    • Rapid hosting and deployment
    • Easy to follow screenshot tutorials
    • Homestead and a Vagrant Box (ensure hassle-free development)
    • Overloading capabilities
    • Powerful encryption packages
  2. Symfony
    Another popular framework most companies offering PHP development services in the Philippines is Symfony. It has been in the market for longer than other PHP frameworks. But it continued to advance and evolve with time. For this reason, it is still relevant in 2022.
    Unlike other frameworks, Symfony is the only one that abides by PHP and web standards. It is a choice of several leading CMS like PHP Bulletin Board, OroCRM, Drupal, etc. The following are the unique features of Symfony, such as:

    • Reusable libraries and components
    • Enterprise-level projects
    • Support by extensive community
    • Plenty of documentation and tutorials
    • Availability of over 4000 Symfony packages
    • Ease of debugging with in-built toolbar
  3. CodeIgniter

As compared to the other two, CodeIgniter is a lightweight PHP framework. It comes with minimal configuration and builds websites faster. Although its size is merely 2MB, it is powerful and has well-written documentation. It will remain one of the top choices of PHP developers in the Philippines and other regions for good reasons.

    • Speedy development (the second-fastest PHP framework)
    • Light footprint means no bloating
    • Highly-flexible
    • Security against XSS and CSRF attacks
    • Easy to learn

In closing

These are the frameworks that will dominate PHP development in 2022. Now, depending on your project needs and goals, pick the best match for you.

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  1. What is PHP?

    PHP refers to Hypertext Preprocessor that is used for server-side development. It comes with excellent features and precise functions that enable developers to build robust websites.

  2. What are the primary features of PHP?

    PHP offers several outstanding features that boost website development. Some of the features are:

    • Open-source
    • Performance
    • Embedded code
    • Platform independent
  3. What are the advantages of using PHP frameworks?

    You can enjoy several perks of using PHP frameworks over raw PHP for your website. These are:

    • Rapid development
    • Easy to scale systems
    • Better security
    • Minimal coding

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